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“Homo- and heterochirality in crystals“ in Topics in Stereochemistry
P.A. Levkin, V.Yu. Torbeev, D.A. Lenev, R.G. Kostyanovsky Ed.: F. Toda, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 25 (2006), 81-134


FUBerlin, November 2015

ETH Zürich, August 2015

Functional Polymers at Bio-material Interfaces, Prague, 2015

University Bayreuth, Group of Prof. Greiner (invited lecture), 2015

ISBIMS-2015(invited), Beijing, China, 2015

University of Aalto, Group of Prof. Ras (invited lecture), 2015

University of Barcelona (ICMAB), Group of Prof. Roig (invited lecture), 2015

IFBM2014, China (keynote lecture), 2014

INM Saarbrücken, 2014

Microfluidics 2014, EMBL, Germany, 2014

6th Forum on New Materials (CIMTEC´14), Montecatini Terme, Italy, 2014

Presentations at the University of Heidelberg, University of Tübingen, Saint-Gobain Research Center (France), 2014

Multifunctional Hybrid Nanomaterials, Sorrento, Italy, 2013

Materials Research Society (MRS), San Francisco, USA, 2013

Chemiedozententagung, Berlin, Germany, 2013

Polyimide chip with monolithic stationary phases for fast HPLC separations of proteins and peptides
P.A. Levkin, T.R. Stratton, S. Eeltink, R. Brennen, K. Killeen, J.M.J. Fréchet, F. Svec
ISCCE, USA, 2007

Temperature-induced inversion of the elution order of enantiomers in gas chromatography
P.A. Levkin, A. Levkina, H. Czesla, and V. Schurig
ISCD, USA 2007

Practice and theory of enantiomeric separations on mixed chiral stationary phases by gas chromatography
P.A. Levkin, H. Czesla, V. Schurig
29th International symposium on capillary chromatography. Riva del Garda, Italy, 29 May- 2 June, 2006

Racemic compound-conglomerate crystallization and solid phase transformation of the racemic compound into the conglomerate 
P.A. Levkin, V. Schurig, E. Schweda, R.G. Kostanovsky
10th Bremen International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), Rouen, France, 4-5 September, 2003


A facile technique for patterning and studying interactions of multiple cell populations in vitro (poster).
Alexander Efremov, Eliana Stanganello, Alexander Welle, Steffen Scholpp, Pavel Levkin,EMBL Conference Microfluidics, Germany,2012

DropletArray:Facile formation of arrays of microdroplets and hydrogel micropads for cell screening applications (poster)
Erica Ueda, Florian L. Geyer, Victoria Nedashkivska, Pavel A. Levkin, EMBL Conference Microfluidics, Germany,2012

Creating Surface-Modified Porous Polymers with Superhydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Micropatterns for High-Density Microarrays and Cell Patterning (poster)
Erica Ueda, Florian L. Geyer, Urban Liebel, Pavel A. Levkin, MRS, USA,2011

Use of light emitting diodes in the visible region to initiate polymerisation leading to monolithic stationary phases (poster)
Z. Walsh, D. Heger, S. Abele, P. Klán, B. Paull, P.A. Levkin, F. Svec, M. Macka,ISCCE, USA,2009

Enantiomeric gas-chromatographic separations on stationary phases containing multiple chiral selectors
P.A. Levkin, D. Kreidler, H. Czesla, V. Schurig, ISCCE, USA,2007

Chiral selector with ee 99% - a problem for enantioseparation?
P.A. Levkin, N.M. Maier, V. Schurig, W. Lindner, ISCD, USA,2007

Quantitative assessment of nonenantioselective versus enantioselective interactions in liquid chromatography on a quinine carbamate anion exchange-type chiral stationary phase
P.A. Levkin, N.M. Maier, V. Schurig, W. Lindner, ISCD,USA,2007

Combining  the enantioselectivity of Chirasil-ß-Dex and Chirasil-Val-Nova in a mixed binary gas-chromatographic chiral stationary phase
P.A. Levkin, A. Levkina, V. Schurig
29th International symposium on capillary chromatography. Riva del Garda, Italy, 29 May- 2 June,2006

A New Mixed Binary Gas-Chromatographic Chiral Stationary Phase Chirasil-ß-DexVal
P.A. Levkin, V. Schurig
International symposium on hyphenation technics in analytical chemistry, Tuebingen, Germany, 27-29 March,2006

Heptakis(6-O-(N-acetylyl-L-valine-tert-butylamide)-2,3-di-O-methyl)-ß-cyclodextrin: a promising chiral solvating agent for NMR determinations of enantiomeric compositions
G. Uccello-Barretta, S. Nazzi, P. Levkin, V. Schurig
17th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-17). Parma, Italy, 11-14 September,2005, PD45

Solid-state ESR differentiation between enantiomers vs. racemates
P.A. Levkin, A.I. Kokorin, V. Schurig, R.G. Kostyanovsky
17th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-17). Parma, Italy, 11-14 September,2005, PD36

Practice and theory of GC separation of enantiomers on mixed chiral stationary phases
P.A. Levkin, V. Schurig
17th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-17). Parma, Italy, 11-14 September,2005, PD35

Nanotube formation in crystals of 2,3:6,7-dibenzobicyclo[3.3.1]nona-2,6-diene-4,8-diole
P.A. Levkin, R.G. Kostanovsky
4th National symposium in organic chemistry, Moscow, July 5-7,2003

Temperature-dependent racemate-conglomerate crystallization
P.A. Levkin, R.G. Kostyanovsky
14th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-14). Hamburg, Germany, 9-14 September,2002


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