Superhydrophobic Porous Poly(Cyanoacrylate) Coating

Droplets with complex shapes formed on superhydrophobic-superhydrophilic patterns

Superhydrophobic-Superhydrophilic Microarray: formation of microarrays of droplets

Superhydrophobic porous polymer coating

Water droplets on a superhydrophobic surface

Foto: Alexander Efremov

Food dye droplets on Droplet Micro-Array

Droplet Microarray Max2a

Foto: Maximilian Benz

Food dye droplets on Droplet Micro-Array 2

Droplet Microarray Max3a

Foto: Maximilian Benz

1 mm droplets on Droplet Micro-Array

Simon 3a

Foto: Amadeus Bramsiepe

Droplet Micro-Array mounted in well-plate holder

Simon 2a

Foto: Amadeus Bramsiepe



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