Wenqian has successfully defended his PhD in Heidelberg University. Congratulations!


Our next Advanced Materials paper has been accepted. Congratulations to Isabel! The title of this paper is "Fabrication of Hydrogel Particles of Defined Shapes using Hydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Micropatterns" and it is a collaboration with the group of Prof. Mano (University of Aveiro/University of Minho)



 Congratulations to Tina for winning the first poster prize at a conference in Cambridge!


Anna's paper has been published in RSC Advances: "Droplet-microarray on superhydrophobic-superhydrophilic patterns for high-throughput live cell screenings"!


Our paper "Single-Step Fabrication of High-Density Microdroplet Arrays of Low-Surface-Tension Liquids" has been accepted in Advanced Materials. Congratulations to all co-authors included Wenqian!


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