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 50. Droplet-Array (DA) Sandwich Chip: A Versatile Platform for High-Throughput Cell Screening Based on Superhydrophobic–Superhydrophilic Micropatterning


Anna A. Popova, Sebastian M. Schillo, Konstantin Demir, Erica Ueda, A. Nesterov-Mueller and Pavel A. Levkin

Adv. Mat., 2015, 27, 5217-5222


A droplet-array (DA) sandwich chip is a miniaturized platform for cell-based high-throughput screening. It is based on sandwiching of a glass slide with a preprinted library and a superhydrophobic–superhydrophilic pattern, which consists of thousands of simultaneously formed microdroplets containing cells. The DA sandwich chip allows for one-step cell seeding, simultaneous initiation of screening, and 1000 times less reagent consumption than a regular 96-well plate.

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