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 48. UV-induced tetrazole-thiol reaction for polymer conjugation and spatial control of surface


Wenqian Feng, Linxian Li, Chengwu Yang, Alexander Welle, Oliver Trapp and Pavel A. Levkin


Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2015, 54, 8732–8735


A UV-induced 1,3-dipolar nucleophilic addition of tetrazoles to thiols is described. Under UV irradiation the reaction proceeds rapidly at room temperature, with high yields, without a catalyst, and in both polar protic and aprotic solvents, including water. This UV-induced tetrazole-thiol reaction was successfully applied for the synthesis of small molecules, protein modification, and rapid and facile polymer–polymer conjugation. The reaction has also been demonstrated for the formation of micropatterns by site-selective surface functionalization. Superhydrophobic–hydrophilic micropatterns were successfully created by sequential modifications of a tetrazole-modified porous polymer surface with hydrophobic and hydrophilic thiols. A biotin-functionalized surface could be fabricated in aqueous solutions under long-wavelength UV irradiation.


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