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71. UV-Triggered Polymerization, Deposition, and Patterning of Plant Phenolic Compounds

Farid Behboodi-Sadabad, Huijie Zhang, Vanessa Trouillet, Alexander Welle, Nicolas Plumeré, and Pavel A. Levkin

Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 27, Issue 22, 2017
doi: 10.1002/adfm.201700127

Plant-derived phenolic compounds, rich in catechol and pyrogallol moieties,can form multifunctional coatings on various substrates following polymerization under mildly alkaline conditions. Despite many appealing features of such coatings, the dif´Čüculty to control polymerization of phenolic compounds spatially and temporally limits their number of potential applications. In this study, it is demonstrated that UV irradiation can trigger oxidative polymerization and deposition of plant-derived phenolic compounds, which opens the possibility to create 2D gradients and patterns of polyphenol coatings and control this polymerization temporally.

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