pavel levkin

Prof. Dr. Pavel Levkin

Head of the group

Build.: 319, Office: 444

Tel.: +49-721 608-29175
Fax: +49-721 608-29040

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Pavel A Levkin




Alumni and internship students


Jovana Topalovska 200x250

Jovana Topalovska

Trainee, KIT, 2024

Julius Hpfner 200x250

Julius Höpfner

PhD student, KIT, 2024

julius von padberg GRAY 200x250

Julius von Padberg

Master Student, KIT, 2024

dorothea paulssen

Dorothea Paulssen

PhD student, KIT, 2023


Janne Wiedmann

PhD student, KIT, 2023

Roxanna Grommer 200x250  

Roxana Grömmer

Master student, KIT, 2023

Weiyi Liu 200x250  

Weiyi Liu

Joint PhD student, KIT, 2023

Mariia Kuzina  

Mariia Kuzina

PhD student, KIT, 2023

Matthew Morben 200x250 GRAY  

Matthew Morben

Intern student

Antonio GRAY 200x250  

Qian-Pu (Antonio) Cheng

Visiting PhD Student, KIT, 2023

Saltuk Hanay 200x250  

Saltuk Hanay

Postdoc, KIT, 2023

Zhenwu Wang 2  

Zhenwu Wang

PhD student, KIT, 2023

Junning Zhang 200x250

Junning Zhang

Joint PhD student, KIT, 2023


Zheqin Dong

Postdoc, KIT, 2022


Johannes Scheiger

PhD student, KIT, 2022

Aslan Fatma 200x250  

Fatma Aslan

Master student, KIT, 2022


Shuai Li

PhD student, KIT, 2022


Qianyu Cai

Master student, KIT, 2022


Yaqi Wu

Master student, KIT, 2022


Shraddha Chakraborty

Postdoc , KIT, 2022

Moved on to: CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, India

Michael Fiedler 2

Michael Fiedler

Triquinee , 2021

Moved on to: IBCS-FMS, KIT

1 Haijun Cui

Haijun Cui

Postdoc , KIT, 2021

Moved on to: Chongqing University, China

1 Yanxi Liu

Yanxi Liu

PhD student , KIT, 2021

Moved on to: Army Medical University, China

1 Lei Wenxi

Wenxi Lei

PhD student, KIT, 2021

Moved on to: Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

1Jonathan Elton1

Jonathan Elton

PhD student, KIT, 2021

1 Ye Tian

Ye Tian

Postdoc , KIT, 2021

Moved on to: Shandong University, China


Marius Brehm

PhD student, KIT, 2021


Yelda Nur Demirdogen

Master student, KIT, 2020

 Max Benz  

Maximilian Benz

PhD student, KIT, 2020

constantine demir

Konstantin Demir

Biological Lab Technician, KIT, 2020


Alisa Rosenfeld

PhD Student, KIT, 2020

1 Simon Widmaier

Simon Widmaier

Postdoc, KIT, 2020

Xiaotao Zhu

Xiaotao Zhu

Visiting Professor, 2019

Saeid Azizian

Visiting Professor, 2019
Gerile Oudeng

Gerile Oudeng

Visiting PhD student, 2019
farid behboodi sadabad

Farid Behboodi Sadabad

PhD student, KIT, 2019
tina tronser

Tina Tronser

PhD student and Postdoc, KIT, 2018
Daniel Kazenmaier

Daniel Kazenmaier

Aquarray Intern student, KIT, 2018
Fulya Unalp 2

Fulya Unalp

Intern student

Zheqin Dong

Joint PhD student

lei li

Lei Li


jason bw

Jason Darmadi

Intern Student

William bw

William Jefferson

Intern Student


Helena Valquier-Flynn

Intern Student

Moved on to: Doane University

Philip Haitz 3

Philipp Haitz


Moved on to: ITG/KIT


Camilla Scarpellini

Intern student
David Bentz 2

David Bentz

Intern student

Sandiego Himawan

Intern student

Moved on to: Eijkman Institute


Philipp Lachenmaier


Moved on to: ITG/KIT

alexander boeser

Alexander Böser

PhD student

Moved on to: Head of Laboratory at TECHPharm GmbH

Bettina 1 bw

Bettina Göppert


Moved on to: DITABIS

ivana pini

Ivana Pini

Chemical Lab Technician

Moved on to: KFT Chemieservice

Yongmei Zhao def

Yongmei Zhao

Intern PhD student

Moved on to: University of Queensland, Australia

mijanur molla

Mijanur Rahaman Molla

Visiting Professor

Moved on to: Assistant Professorship at University of Calcutta

akshita rana

Akshita Rana

Master student

Moved on to: PhD at Monash University

gabriella eldreen

Gabriella Eldreen

Intern student

wen qian feng

Wenqian Feng

PhD student

Moved on to: Postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley University

jeong hoon byeon

Jeong Hoon Byeon

Guest Professor
Currently: Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering
Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea
ana isabel morais neto

Ana Isabel Morais Neto

Intern PhD student

Moved on to: Postdoc Imperial College London

jiaqi guo

Jiaqi Guo

Intern PhD student
Currently: PhD student, Department of Forest Products Technology
School of Chemical Technology, Aalto University, Finland


Robin Bär

Intern student

Moved on to: PhD at group of Prof. Bräse, KIT

girish shankar

Girish Shankara

PhD student

Moved on to: Postdoc at IMT/KIT

ekaterina sobich

Ekaterina Sobich

Master student

andreas guest

Andreas Gast


Moved on to: IMF/KIT


Danuta Kuzmicz


Moved on to: Reckitt Benckiser Global R&D GmbH

xin you

Xin Du

PhD student

Moved on to: Associate Professorship at Southeast University, China

junsheng left

Junsheng Li


Moved on to: Associate Professorship at Wuhan University of Technology

linxian li

Linxian Li

PhD Organic Chemistry
University of Heidelberg
Moved on to: Postdoc at MIT, group of Prof. Anderson

alexander efremov

Alexander Efremov

PhD Physical Chemistry
University of Heidelberg
Moved on to: Postdoc, group of Prof. Niemeyer, KIT

erica boles

Erica Boles

PhD student

Moved on to: CSO at Lifespans


Victoria Nedashkivska

PhD student

Moved on to: Patent Engineer

priscila auad

Priscila Auad

Bachelor student
Chemical engineering
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Do Sul

Moved on to: Braskem

thiago chang ho felipe

Thiago Chang Ho Felipe 

Bachelor student
Chemical engineering
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Moved on to: Bain & Company

fengjian wang

Fengjian Wang

Diploma student
Heidelberg University 2011
Barbara Kwiatkowska

Barbara Kwiatkowska

Diploma student

david zahner

David Zahner

Bachelor student
Heidelberg University

Moved on to: PhD at AK Straub, Heidelberg University

florian geyer

Florian Geyer

Bachelor student
Heidelberg University

Moved on to: Lab Head at BASF


Nadezhda Vlasova

Summer intern


Karina Schwarz: scientist at Incella GmbH

Dr. Alexander Efremov: postdoc in the group of Prof. Niemeyer at the KIT, Germany

dr Linxian Li: postdoc in the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the MIT, USA

Intern students:

Kamal Batra
Yen Lin Leow
Shubhangi Kakkar
Martin Maiwald
Felix Braun
Sahil Chhabra
Sahitya Movva
Tejeshwar Gill
Ambuj Tiwari
Asritha Nallapaneni
Aniket Gudadhe
Claire Depew
Eric Schmitt
Titus Genisius Hartanto


Roxanna Grommer 200x250  

Roxana Grömmer

Master student, KIT, 2023


Prof. Dr. Pavel Levkin   
Build.: 319 / Office: 444 
Tel:  +49-721-608-29175

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